pipeline and field support

PipeTech Rentals LTD. retains a wide range of equipment to support Pipeline installations and maintenance and other field work. Our Pipeline and Field Support equipment can be rented out, or we can provide the necessary technicians to help move your job forward. Our highly skilled team is at your disposal for all your Pipeline and Field Support equipment needs.

HDD Pipe Rollers

PipeTech Rentals’ unique HDD Roller system has revolutionized river and road crossings. Instead of running multiple side booms to support the drag section, the HDD Roller system offers worry free safe support.

Our patented roller design includes corrugated rollers which allow for easier maneuvering of pipe over uneven terrain and around horizontal curves. The corrugated rubber rollers flex before damaging the pipe or pipe coating.

360 Pipe Rollers

Pipeline contractors are faced with many different challenges when constructing pipelines. Some of the primary concerns when working with heavy pipe on various projects is safety and maneuverability.

PipeTech Rentals released the Pipe 360 Cradle™ to provide contractors with increased safety and versatility. PipeTech Rentals new Pipe 360 Cradle™ is a fully self-contained pipe lifting device that demonstrates innovation in day-to-day pipeline operations.

The Pipe 360 Cradle™ is perfectly suited for all types of pipe handling scenarios. It works with pipe sizes from 20”- 48”, and it is also great for tackling large HDD pullback operations. The Pipe 360 Cradles™ are specially designed and optimized for handling line pipe. These cradles can be used with concrete, steel, plastic, and cast iron pipe across the full range of coatings such as tape, fusion bonded epoxy, concrete, and various insulations

Pull Heads

A pull head is a fitting that is attached to the end of a pipe that makes it possible to pull the pipe through a borehole. It is commonly used in small-diameter horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations for the easy installation of pipe. The process of pulling pipe is essential to many trenchless construction methods. PipeTech Rentals has pull heads available ranging from 4” to 36” diameters.

24’ Office Trailers

These trailers are ideal for Supervisor setup, lunch rooms, and break areas. These job trailers come equipped with either electric or propane options, air conditioning, as well as an optional fridge and microwave. The trailers have a lounging area as well as desk setup for paper and computer work. They are a fantastic temporary setup for short and long term. Generator options available for power if power is not available.

Enviro Trailer

This trailer is set up to provide complete support for Hazard mitigation. The trailer includes pumps, hoses, berms, ATV Storage for mobility, and a workplace laboratory for field testing. PipeTech Rentals offers complete customizations depending on your needs. Call us today for more information.

Double Ender Engineer Shack

These trailers have 45’ of living space and are ideal for short and long term stays where on site support is required around the clock or where camp access is not available. These double ender units are set up for comfort with two separate living quarters. Each living quarter includes a double bed, kitchenette, full washroom, and a living room area with a desk for paper and computer work. The trailer is propane serviced and air conditioned. There are generator options available if no power is available on site.

IDMAG System

Light weight demagnetizing system that can be transported anywhere. Using single phase 120V-250V power this system is capable of demagnetizing 20” pipe to 30” pipe. With our multiplier box it can demagnetize up to 42” pipe allowing welding to take place.

GeoRig and Trailer

This trailer is equipped to transport our unique mobile soil sampling geo unit. This 6×6 Side by side is equipped with a diesel driven hydraulic soil auger for gathering soil conditions in unreachable areas off road equipment is a must to gather data. Call us today for more information.

Ice Safety Kits

This is a customizable safety kit designed for environmentalists that have to work on ice and in icy conditions to gather river water samples or set environmental monitoring equipment. The safety kit’s contents can vary depending on conditions and company standards. Call us today for more information.

Turbidity Kits

This is a customizable kit designed for environmentalists who need to maintain a constant feed of monitoring of turbidity during river crossings. The kit often includes access tools, rope bags, and handheld turbidity monitors. Call us today for more information.