Pipetech Rentals

PipeTech Rentals has always been in the business of providing rental services for directional boring and a fleet of Pipeline rollers and pullheads. These services eventually led to supporting a sister company with environmental monitoring equipment. The two companies were rebranded and amalgamated, and PipeTech Rentals Ltd. was established in 2018.

The partners’ inspiration to rebrand this business from its predecessor opened up more opportunities within the pipeline market and expanded on its ever-changing demanding equipment requirements, allowing PipeTech Rentals to better serve its customer base.

Pipetech Rentals Ltd. has evolved to service a variety of industries, including, but not limited to, Pipeline Construction, Oilfield Services, Municipal Infrastructure, Civil Construction, Industrial Plants, Agriculture, Environmental Protection, Natural Disaster and almost anywhere Fluid services are found.

Growing to Serve Our Customers Better

In 2021, Pipetech Rentals expanded once again to include a solids separation platform introducing centrifuge packages to assist further on its capabilities of supporting our Horizontal drilling customer base and move once again toward a new market sector. With this introduction, the company offers a far wider range of services than many of its competitors. PipeTech Rentals is committed to providing services to the industrial and civil markets to meet all its needs.