fluid transfer
equipment for rent

PipeTech Rentals offers a wide range of equipment rentals to facilitate fluid transfer. If you’re in need of pumps, valves, meters, hoses, and more, contact us. We can provide you with the right equipment for your fluid transfer project. If you are unsure what the right equipment for your project is, give us a call! Our team of specialists will be happy to assist you.

Trailer Mounted Diesel Pumps

We have a full line of diesel pumps to help support multiple industries and markets. Our fleet is increasing every month based on customer requirements. These Include High Volume pumps 4x4s, 6x6s, and 8×8’s as well as our High Head pumps that range from Super 6s, 6×4’s and 10×8’s. Quiet packs are available as well and pump curves are available based on request. Don’t see something here that fits your needs? Call us to learn more on how we can determine the best pump for your project.

Submersible Pumps

We have a full line of Submersible pumps ranging from 2” to 10”. With multiple power options and accessories. Fish Cages, Floats, Generators, and VFD’s, PipeTech Rentals has a pump to fit your project. Pump curves are available upon request. Call us to learn more on how we can determine the best pump for your project.

Hydraulic Submersible Pumps and Power Packs

These pumps and power packs are used when extra horsepower is needed during bypass pumping or trying to move sludge. Our hydraulic submersible units are a great choice for moving your highly viscous fluids. Call us today for more information.

Manhole Submersible Pumps

These pumps are a great option for sewer bypass pumping where NPSHA becomes a problem for diesel pumps. Our 6” manhole submersibles can get the job done where surcharging a manhole is not a valid option. Call today for more information.

Road Crossings

We supply multiple sizes of road crossings in both Flow Through and Drop Over options. These offer easy setup and can be fitted out to meet any requirement.

Flow Meters

PipeTech Rentals offers multiple sizes for monitoring flow rates. Flow meters are always a great option when municipal discharge requirements are a hot topic, or you need to dial in a pump system to a targeted flow rate.

Fittings and Valves

We supply sizes ranging from 1” to 12”. We offer fittings and valves in Elbows, Tees, Wyes, Camlocks, Grooved Fittings, Gate Valves, Butterfly, and Ball Valves.

Transfer Hoses

Our hoses range from 1” – 10” in diameter with multiple length options available. We also have 6” and 10” hose available in 200 M Reels for cross country transfer applications often found in Frac water applications and Pipeline testing.