Fluid Management, Trenchless and Rental Equipment Industries

PipeTech Rentals offers services and expertise for fluid management, trenchless operations, and rental equipment. Our highly experienced team will supply you with the best quality service and ensure that you get the right equipment to meet your needs.

Fluid Management

Almost every market has a need for professional Fluid Management. Whether you’re working in the Industrial, Civil, Municipal Infrastructure, or Agricultural fields, you will always end up finding a problem that needs a fluid Management solution. With decades of experience troubleshooting these problems, the team here at PipeTech Rentals can supply you with a solution that will immediately remedy the situation. We supply knowledgeable crews who know how to put fluids in motion in a safe, environmentally friendly, and timely manner.


Our Team can provide the resources required to properly mitigate any problem or provide a solution to help manage any fluid that deems a threat to a community or industry. Whether you need fluid management for water, wastewater, contaminated water, or chemical, our team stands by its ability to transfer, treat, and contain them all.

With a wide variety of Pumps, Tanks and Filtration gear available to us, we can provide a quick and effective solution for all your fluid needs.

If you have a problem with fluid management, PipeTech Rentals has a solution. Invite us for a Job walk to see where we can help fix your problem today.


Trenchless work typically refers to Horizontal Drilling applications and replacing or installing Pipework. Our teams and partners have been designing and providing support on these types of projects for over 20 years. Drill mud recovery and solid separation plays an integral part in the process to help keep costs down.

We provide engineering, tools, and manpower to this industry. Our knowledge and experience ensures we can complete projects efficiently and with little to no mistakes. We strive to complete projects correctly the first time around.

Mud waste and recovery is an essential part of the trenchless Pipe installation process. Depending on the size and length of the pipe being installed, there can be hundreds of thousands of tonnes of mud to be trucked and discarded. With our centrifuge systems, we help separate solids and recover valuable lubricating drill mud to be reused. This reduces trucking expenses and disposal fees as well as environmental impact. Our teams are highly versed in using the equipment to ensure the process moves smoothly and keeps up with the drilling team.

Our fleet is growing rapidly when it comes to CDFR technology. We’re involved with the planning, cohering and proper execution of your project. Our Trenchless team will collaborate with you right from the start to design, adhere and implement the best strategies right out of the gate, and ensure a successful project every time.

Rental Equipment

The Rental Industry is constantly changing to meet customer needs. There are increased demands for automation, and the technologies used within different industries are consistently evolving. PipeTech Rentals is with you every step of the way to ensure your needs are met and staff are able to properly use the equipment and technologies. We provide training on all of our rental equipment to ensure you are satisfied with your project. Our equipment is all well maintained and high quality to ensure there are no unnecessary delays.

Pipetech Rentals is committed to providing up to date technologies, meeting quickly changing industry demands, and providing quality rentals to its customers and its partners. We are packed with a wide variety of pump, centrifuge, environmental, accommodation and pipeline equipment to help support your project with peace of mind. Our teams and partners are always pushed to be ahead of the game with fast response times and strategic thought processes to perform the projects under budget and before the deadline.

We provide expert advice, fair pricing, and ensure projects are performed on time. PipeTech Rentals is the right choice for your next project, contact us to learn more.